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What is Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics


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Distributing your static content with CloudFlare’s CDN will lead to faster page loading times for your visitors. As visitors are more inclined to bounce away from a slow loading site, you will reduce your bounce rate and increase the amount of time that people spend on your site. Or, in other words, a faster a website means your visitors will stay longer.

It is one click to enable CloudFlare for your website through Cpanel.


Google Announce Page Speed Service – Web Performance, Delivered

Google announced the service Page Speed. It is a service that is super easy to configure – web application developers to point DNS of your application is Google. In return, Google is responsible for rewriting the website for performance and do things as the concatenation of scripts and CSS files and other best practices described by Google in its guidelines Page Speed. You can read the announcement at the Google Code blog.

The extent of speed up depends on a variety of factors such as content on your pages, browser, geographic location of access, bandwidth, etc.

Google Page Speed Service –
FAQ related to Google Page Speed –


What is Nameserver the hidden power and why they are important to website.

Nameservers make it feasible for visitors to access your net site using a familiar domain name, in lieu of having to keep in mind a series of numbers.Nameservers are the Internet’s equivalent to phone books. A nameserver maintains a listing of domains that match sure IP addresses (computers). The information from all the nameservers across the Net is gathered in a central registry.
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When technology delivers basic needs,user experience dominates.

The mobile phone industry is a great example of this evolution.Mobile phones have become more reliable and usable, and are filled with features. The introduction of the iPhone and its imitators raises the bar once again, not once, in terms of more features, but the way people experience our phones are not just tools, are also very funny use! This process of product maturity is based on my hierarchy of the user experience needs model, which I propose that most technology products and service experiences to go through six levels of maturity in motion bottom to top, “Hey, this really works!” and “This is significant in my life.” However, this model was also my way of solving a lot of different ideas of what is important to experience and the relative priority of things.

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It’s All About Attention !

Over the past few years the economics of attention has fundamentallychanged—and that change has profound and deep implications for yourstartup. Sure, “building buzz around your startup” has always been highon every founder’s to-do list. But what has changed is what works, whatdoesn’t work, and what you need to do.

A decade ago, in the dot-com heyday, you built buzz by hiring a goodpublic relations firm (for about $30,000 a month, minimum) that wouldwoo and wheedle the computer trade press for a mention, a review, anything.And you could plan to spend a good $50,000 or more (way more)doing a launch event. Of course, all of this was just the prelude to a goodweb ad banner campaign chock-full of pop-ups, pop-downs, and pop-overs,all designed to scream louder than the other ads at the sucker watchingthe screen.

Back then, there was no Facebook or Twitter, no blogs or social networks,no news blogs, no social media. Attention was something you rippedout of (and ripped off) “consumers” with advertising and sycophant reviewsin trade magazines while “harvesting their eyeballs.”

The economics of attention online worked like strip mining: you blowup the attention of millions to garner a handful of sales, and who cared—everyone else did the same thing. You—the advertiser—were in the businessof stealing attention, or at least appropriating it without consent, via thetried-and-true process of hammering your message into thick consumerskulls.

This same approach is alive and well today—just turn on your television—but something else has arisen. It’s why Facebook has as many activeusers as Russia has “active citizens” and why social networks worldwideare growing, in terms of the number of participants, the depth of theirparticipation, and the effect others in these networks have on opinion,values, and buying decisions.

The preamble to the manifesto starts with: “We are not seats or eyeballsor end users or consumers. We are human beings—and our reachexceeds your grasp. Deal with it.”The  Online World reads like asocial network Declaration of Independence from traditional marketing.

  • Markets are conversations.
  • The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media.
  • Corporations do not speak in the same voice as these new networkedconversations. To their intended online audiences, companies sound hollow, flat, literally inhuman.
  • To speak with a human voice, companies must share the concernsof their communities.
  • But first, they must belong to a community.
  • Companies that do not belong to a community of discourse will die.
  • Markets do not want to talk to flacks and hucksters. They want toparticipate in the conversations going on behind the corporate firewall.
  • We are immune to advertising. Just forget it.Social Media and Your Startup 211
  • You want us to pay? We want you to pay attention.
  • We know some people from your company. They’re pretty coolonline. Do you have any more like that you’re hiding? Can theycome out and play?

We now have a new economy of attention online. First and foremost,are you interesting? If you’re not interesting, you’d better be prepared towork hard to bring interesting things to the global conversation to rescueyour startup from obscurity.The good news about how social networks have retooled who getsattention online is that the new rules favor startups.

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Plan your Project

For successfully developing any application you must have a clear target. Whenever the architecture of an application is robust, stable, and foolproof, you will get a huge number of users using your application. THe following points need to be considered.

  • Small footprint
  • Easy loading of components, libraries, helpers, and models
  • Nice and flexible syntax for developing view
  • Excellent support with popular database servers
  • Will not be resource extensive
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to integrate with other component frameworks like Pear, ezComponents, and so on.
  • Support for caching
  • Layout support like RubyOnRails for easy design of your web application
  • A native gzip compressor for JavaScript
  • Ajax support



Choosing the Right Web Server for the Project.

One of the factors that should be considered when choosing a web server package is its popularity. If a web server is popular, it means there are a lot of people using it, shaking out bugs, providing support services, etc. Web servers that are lower in the popularity stakes may not have the same exposure as their more popular brethren


Vendor Product WebSites
Hosted (millions)
Igor Sysoev

Web Server Package Popularity (Source: Netcraft 2010)

Before dismissing servers such as Nginx or lighttpd, you should, however, understandthat because of their nature, and reputation for use as fast static asset servers, they areoften used as “supporting servers” for larger domains, serving just static assets (images,.css, .js), and will not necessarily register in the Netcraft figures.Web Server.




Next version of Windows – True Touch interface

For the first time in its life, Windows will receive a true touch interface.Microsoft describes the new interface as “touch first”; it’ll work with a mouse and a keyboard, but it was designed for fingers.

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